Sales Professional Certification

The Program

    • Be trained Basic Sales Organization structures
    • Marketable Concepts and Sales Ethics
    • Warehousing/stock reconciliation/Stock keeping
    • Daily Route Planning & Time Management
    • Selling Techniques
    • Scores of Sales Closing Techniques
    • Opposition & Complaint Handling
    • Statement and Engaged the Customer
    • Thoughtful Trade Offers
    • Display strategy for Better Sales
    • Merchandising Methods & Styles
    • Considerate Your Own Targets
    • Scheduling the Month
    • Ready for All Eventualities
    • Modification Your Mental Receptors
    • Extensive Role Play


  • Practical Selling Experience
  • Glossary of Commonly Used Terms
  • This program is especially suited for those
  • desirous of making a career in sales
  • Questionnaire for evaluating industry before going for any         interview in any department especially sales


Association of Sales Professionals




Course Facilitator

Kaleem Ahmad, a corporate trainer, and consultant has more than 30 years of experience. He has long been enthralled by the power of thinking and the way people can use their thoughts to positively influence their own lives and hence their careers. Having spent that many years in the corporate sector he has developed training based on personal observations of why people think the way they do & What stops people from practicing rational and critical thinking.
As an experienced consultant, a speaker, an effective trainer and a workshop leader, Kaleem are familiar with the typical challenges that professionals face in their workplace. He has a talent for inspiring people to improve themselves continuously which he delivers his signature magic touch. His diverse experience in the corporate world helps in generating examples from a spectrum of industries ranging from FMCG to Industrial Sales.

Kaleem Ahmad


Applications must be submitted to our office or email at

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